AnimalFlowers wallpaper-posters
by Hanna Werning

AnimalFlowers wallpaper-posters is not an ordinary wallpaper that comes in rolls, the idea of the wallpaper-posters are that you buy as many poster sheets you need to cover a certain area or just buy as single prints for framing.

The wallpaper-poster patterns comes in seven designs and repeats from top to bottom, left to right and and can be affixed to a clean and flat surface side by side with paperbased wallpaper glue.

Size 50 x 70 cm (27.5 x 19.7 in)
Print Litho. on 115gsm blue-back paper
for no shine through
Price 150 SEK Swedish Krona/poster sheet

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For orders Let us know how many posters you are interested in, or give us the dimensions of your wall, and we will email you a quote together with more information about how to buy from us. Please email to: order[a]

Award EDIDA, Elle Decoration International Design Award 2004 / Wallpaper of the year. (Elle Interiör Designpris 2004 / Väggdekor & Tapeter).

Click on the images below to see pattern repeats.

Elefantgräs AFWP0407 (Elephantgrass)

Djurträdgård AFWP0405 (Animalgarden)

Zebraskog AFWP0406 (Zebrawood)

Sjöhästäng AFWP0403 (Seahorsemeadow)

Ekorreblad AFWP0404 (Squirrellpad)

Krokodillöv AFWP0301 (Crocodileleaf)

Flodhästvår AFWP0302 (Hippospring)

Poster size and detail of blueback paper

How to wallpaper with wallpaper-posters

Start to count how many posters you will need for your choosen wall. Use a small roller to put wallpaper-glue onto the back of the poster. Make sure to put glue in every corner. Place the first poster onto the wall. Use a plastic squeegee or brush to flatten and take out airbubbles. Moisten a rag to clean off unnecessary glue. Note that the poster will slightly increase in size when glue
has been put on.

© 2001 Hanna Werning / Spring Street Studio AB. All rights reserved.

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